Health | JJ Smith's, 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse | Day 5-10 Update

Yes.. You've read that correctly. I'm on Day 10 of the cleanse, T H A N K  G O D . Here's the breakdown of days 5 - 10:

Days 5-9 were a breeze. Seriously. I felt great. One of my biggest fears was going out in public, like the mall for instance, and not being able to resist the pepperoni pizza pretzel from Wetzels.. I had to go to the mall on Sunday to shop for a few things, and I did just that. Stood in line with my preggers best friend as she ordered her pretzel and didn't even flinch. 

As promised, I dreadfully post my before and afters - From Day 1 to Day 6. 


I'm mortified. 

Day 10. I didn't have a chance to take a progress pic this morning, but I've definitely lost a few lbs since Day 6. I'm feeling a little bummed out that the cleanse ends tonight. This means that I'm now fully responsible for creating a meal plan and managing my results. Pray for me.

Total weightloss. I wouldn't know. I don't own a scale, so I didn't weigh myself before I began. I can guess that I've lost a total of 8-10 lbs. My pudge is still there, but it's definitely shrunk a little. 

Maintaining. I'm excited to try a slew of health-concious recipes that I've seen online, but to tell you the truth, I'm nervous about food. I'm a foodie by nature. I'm thinking that if I meal prep on a  weekly basis, I should be good. Any maintaining tips? Tweet me: @bashinla

Working out. I'm getting back to it over the holidays. And by that I mean half-marathon training. I'll speak more about this in a separate post.