Health | JJ Smith's, 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse | Day-2

I'm dying.

Not really.. But this is definitely harder than I thought.

Hunger pains / cravings: I'm not hungry (I've been snacking a little too much on the raw cashews), but I'm craving EVERYTHING. Pizza. Cake. Cookies. Pasta. Chips. Pickles.

Mood swings: Yes. I've been snappy all day. I think it's just from frustrations of not being able to eat what I want.

What I'm missing: I still didn't have a chance to pick up the detox tea, and apparently I should grab a pack of laxatives to ensure that I'm having at least 2-3 BM's daily. TMI? Well, that's to be expected when you're sharing detoxing deets.

I'll prep the rest of my 2/5 smoothies tomorrow, and will go shopping for the other half of the cleanse on Wednesday.