HHBMedia | You may not agree, but Black Lives Matter

Remember when I said that I was hopeful to have the opportunity to write an uplifting and inspirational piece for readers this week? Well, this isn't it.

Sorry not sorry.

I also remember mentioning last week how I'm tired of talking about race. It's draining, at least for me, because I'm a member of the race that's been the most mistreated and underrepresented in U.S. history. And because of the color of my skin, I'll never be able to go a day without thinking of my race or civil position in this country. It's a never-ending conversation - day in and day out.


I'm absolutely disgusted by the recent reports of police officers acting a plum fool in these streets. Their violent behaviors are purely criminal, and using their powerful positions to justify their animalistic actions is frightening to say the least.

I've seen 3 reports of extreme police brutality gone viral (2 black victims, and 1 white) this week alone. Black Lives Matter chants are speeding up again and it's only a matter of time before some un-conscious person points out that the white victim's life matters as well. And you know what, they're right.


Mr. Pusok, the white victim who was jumped by a gang of donut eating bastards, deserves justice. All cop’s involved fates shouldn't end with a suspension; they ought to be punished in the highest degree. I have to tell you, watching the video of Francis Pusok being tased, kicked in the face, stomped on the head, elbowed in the neck, etc., made my heart break. It was a high-speed chase turned vicious, and no crime amounts to this type of walloping. But as soon as I saw a picture of Mr. Pusok, my broken heart began to mend. I know that Mr. Pusok will have justice. I'm about 90% sure that the cops involved will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and if not, some white, rich millionaire will purchase Pusok the best lawyer in the state to fight.

But in the cases of Walter Scott and Eric Harris, that 90% reassurance quickly drops to about a 50% chance that justice will be served. And even if they're appointed one of the best lawyers in their state, it only rises to a 75% chance that punishment will ensue for the officers. You see, black lives don't seem to hold as much a value in this country as white lives. But you should already know that by now.

This now leads me into my next point - there are 2 very important issues here: 1 being that our country's police departments need a complete overhaul, and 2, colored lives matter, too. And although both are extremely imperative, they are not to be equated.


Parents of colored children have a different type of fear for their offspring. I know for a fact that my worries for my 21-month-old's future as a black man in this country are on a-whole-nother level than those of his white classmate's parents.

I'm sure we all hope for the best and that our kids turn out to be upstanding citizens who make the world a better place. I'm sure we all pray that God protects our kids, and keeps them off the pathways to becoming meth dealers.

But I have a few extra prayers that I’m forced to tack on - I pray that Jace never has to face injustices because of the color of his skin. I pray that he's not judged or seen as a threat while simply breathing. I pray that a routine traffic stop doesn't turn into a deadly crime scene. The reality of the situation is that colored lives aren't valued, a lesson that I'll have to explain to Jace as he gets older.


Thank goodness the latest brutal police attacks have been caught on tape. Mr. Pusok, who thankfully lived through his inhumane attack, will hopefully get to tell his side of the story in court. On the other hand, Mr. Martin, Brown, Garner, Scott, Harris and countless others we loss but have not forgotten, will not.

We'll continue to chant "Black Lives Matter" until our justice system sees it right to fit the punishment with the crime - selling loosies, owing on child support, and purchasing Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles from a neighborhood convenient store does not surmount to death, but the gentlemen listed above were murdered for said petty crimes. Crimes that most white citizens get a tap on the wrist for cost them their very lives.

And that's why Black Lives Matter.


*** This post was originally published on HHBMedia.com in April 2015