HHBMedia | Bruce Jenner and Glass Houses

I, along with everyone else in America, was anxious to watch Bruce Jenner's ABC interview this past Friday. I just had to know what the deal was - was he actually transitioning? Or is he just going through a mid-life crisis? And out of all of the viewers, I'm sure I was the only one who was actually surprised that the Bruiser was indeed transitioning.

He was so candid and ready to spill the tea on all aspects of his situation. And seeing that his family's most intimate moments are constantly on display, I should've expected this. I just imagine that transitioning is a life event that one would want to keep sacred - not necessarily a secret, but sacred. Like, I wouldn't expect to know whether they had "the surgery" or not, and I wouldn't expect for them to exploit their alternative wardrobe to ABC cameras for a quick buck.

Now, I have to mention that I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to transgender facts so I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about. I would just hope that those who choose to transition wouldn't feel as though they owe the world an explanation. In Bruce's case, he didn't owe the world an explanation, especially after how the media and public fools have been treating him over the past year. Following him, leaking his most private doctors appointments, bullying him, turning his life into a living joke. I wouldn't have given ANYONE the satisfaction or privilege to know my life's details after that.

But that's just me.

This leads me to my next point - I'm sure Bruiser had a mission or motive for doing the interview. Whether it be to troll for KUWTK ratings or to truly be a poster child for those who are transitioning privately, he had a purpose. And as someone who's simply observing, I don't think it's my place to tell Bruce my thoughts on what that motive may have been.

I guess what I really want to say is... You guys suck. And "you guys" as in the social media pricks and paparazzi pigs who tormented that poor man. You made fun of him, bullied him, and made his life a living hell. [I even believe that the paparazzi were the main cause of his horrific 2014 car accident.] I don't think people realize how all of this nonsense can have a negative effect on someone's life.

So insensitive. So disgusting. So down right mean.

The fact that it took Bruce to do a prime time interview for folks to start taking his life serious is appalling. Regardless of his celebrity, he's still a person. His situation, although unfamiliar to many, has to be rough, and to bully him in such a manner burns me. What burns me even further is that after his interview aired, I still saw some folks carrying on with their memes and insensitive comments.

"Deuteronomy says this!" and "Deuteronomy says that!"

Well you wanna know what else the Bible says?!

How about "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned." Luke 6:37

[And as a Christian, there were a few things Bruiser said that, of course, I didn't agree with. One of them being that he believed God made a mistake by putting him in the wrong body. I don't know which god he's referring to, but my God doesn't make "mistakes.”]

I won't get too preachy, but I just have to make my point.

Bottom line. Stop judging.

Social media has successfully turned hearts into coal, and fingers into weapons. Folks are absent-mindedly casting stones whilst forgetting to board up their own glass houses.

Your judgment and torment could've cost him his life - plenty of others have already offed themselves because of resembling ridicule.

People are taking their lives because they feel like the world isn't safe for them to be who they are.

Children are killing themselves out of fear of alienation.

And even if you're like me and clueless of what Bruce, or those like Bruce, may be going through - is it truly our place to poke fun and / or crucify?


Have you ever been haunted by your deepest, darkest emotions?

Have you ever had to live your life in absolute discomfort because you feared that if your deepest, darkest emotion were leaked, you'd be shamed by the public?

No? Well, sit with that for a moment. Try to imagine how your life would be if your daily sins were unfamiliar / unpopular to the world?

Would you be as brave as Bruce to wear them on your sleeve?

Maybe next time you'll think twice before making a mockery of someone's life.


*** This post was originally published on HHBMedia.com in April 2015