HHBMedia | Why Girls Love Beyonce

Last week, my piece was dedicated to Kim Kardashian so it's only right that I give one to the Queen…


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, slaying all of you since 9/4/81, is held to such high standards. Any and every thing that she touches turns to instant gold. Even if you don't enjoy her music, you still respect her. Those who try to rip her apart, simply disappear. Ask Keri Hilson.

Now, I know I'm coming off sounding like a complete Stan - and that's exactly what I am. I proudly Stan for the Queen. She's definitely someone who I pull inspiration from. Not for the superficial reasons you may think, but because she's the poster child for simple girls, from simple upbringings, wanting to achieve simple success.

Beyoncé is a Plain Jane. She represents for all the normal, wholesome girls who like to turn up the ratch every now and then, but can still be taken home to meet your mother. I admire her normalcy.

And I know what you're about to say: "How can she be normal with her level of celebrity?"

Let me explain…


She pops.

Every little black girl who grew up in a typical black family learned how to pop. Not twerk. But pop. Popping is the classier version of twerking. Beyoncé took this normal, basic dance move and turned it into social media gold. Whenever we see the Queen pop in a dance sequence we lose our sh*t. Why? Because she embraced her little black girl-ness and took it to the big stage. Beyoncé's routines are so basic and fool proof - any fan with the least bit of rhythm can pick up one of her 2-steps.


Speaking of 2-step - Have you ever tried to bust out a Ciara dance routine? No? Me either. It's too complicated. Ciara is a trained dancer, Beyoncé isn't. Yet, I guarantee that if you had a choice between seeing Ciara or Queen on the main stage, you'd surely choose the latter. Not to mention, Beyoncé's stage presence is infectious.


She simply sings.

Queen's lyrics are always easy to understand, which in turn makes her more relatable to her fans. Simple lyrics with simple melodies makes for a perfect anthem. I don't know about you, but I want to sing songs that I could imagine myself writing. Beyoncé doesn't try to intimidate you with her lyrics. She says what she means, and she means what she says - simply.


She's country and proud.

In every bit of the word - Beyoncé reps Houston to the fullest. Queen loves her Church's Chicken and Lays potato chips.


She's one of us.

In a world where Instagram models are trying to claw their way to the top of social media awareness, we, or I rather, can get sucked into the hype occasionally. Analyzing every part of my body. Envying the next chick for their smaller-than-life waistlines. If waist trainers and Instagram boutiques are the new status symbols, then I'm out of the loop. What they try to make seem so unattainable, Beyoncé reminds us that it's all within our reach. Beyoncé isn't the most exotic looking beauty, but her normal-look is what makes us follow her every step.


So pretty much, girls love Beyoncé because we see bits and pieces of ourselves within her. And it’s that simple.


*** This piece was originally published on HHBMedia.com in May 2015