HHBMedia | Godspeed Pictures Presents: Where Hope Grows

I attended the premiere of "Where Hope Grows", a faith-based film highlighting the unconventional friendship between a struggling alcoholic and grocery store attendant with Down Syndrome. It was an uplifting and enlightening tale of redemption and acceptance - something that all of us can probably relate to.

One of the goals that creators of the film set was to defy the stereotypes of those living with Down Syndrome, and it did just that. Produce, the grocery store clerk with Down Syndrome played by David Desanctis, lived a life of a responsible, working and independent man - something that I for one didn't expect to see. Contrary to what a lot of the world would like to believe, those living with Down Syndrome are able to live independently as many other adults do. In fact, Produce acted as more of a responsible adult than Calvin Campbell, an alcoholic, ex-Detroit Tiger played by Kris Polaha.

I was thoroughly impressed with Desanctis and his ability to bring so much life and candidness to the role of Produce. Did I mention that Produce is a Church-throughout the week, Bible toting Christian? Yet another dynamic that was brilliantly paired with the film's redemptive message. Produce's beautiful personality and faithfulness rubbed off on Calvin Campbell and ultimately saved his life.

As you can probably guess, I loved the film. It's definitely something to see with the family. Warning: you may want to pack a few tissues - it will certainly tug on the toughest of heartstrings.


*** This piece was originally published on HBBMedia.com in May 2015