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I think I may have come across the best webseries ever.

Everyone knows I'm the queen when it comes to this YouTube stuff (check out my weekly recap vlogs, here), so I spend a ton of time surfing the net for new content. A few months ago, my friends from the Detroit podcast FRM SCRTCH told me about a new show that they thought I'd be into - and my goodness, were the right.

Money and Violence, a story about a group of young Black and Latino New Yorkers trying to survive in the streets of Brooklyn, is probably one of the best shows that I've seen all summer. At first glance, the acting is a little amateur and the production is kinda low budget, but the story lines are AMAZING. Creator and director, Moetivation has truly gone above and beyond to bring viewers the "authenticity" that street-shows like Power lack, at least in my opinion.

After binge watching the entire first season last weekend, I found myself even more intrigued to learn about Money and Violence's back story. This is Moe's first time taking a shot at directing, and I'd have to say, he's done an awesome job; So much so that he has me falling in love with the villains [BR Malie, call me if you happen to come across this :) ].

In fact, all of the actors involved are first-timers - working their 9 to 5's, learning lines and shooting until the crack of dawn, only to do it over again the next day. Moe was truly blessed to have had such a dedicated cast, and the cast is just as blessed to have such a loyal motivator.

Not sure if you can tell, but Money and Violence definitely pulled at my heart strings. Witnessing the passion and devotion that went into pulling the production off (through watching online interviews of course) is enough to make me want to back the show with my own money. Not only do you learn lessons about street life, Moe also hits you with a few gems of wisdom in each and every episode. I've grabbed onto so many of Moe's street credits and lessons on loyalty, I feel like I can survive on the mean streets of Brooklyn. But, I won't be calling the moving trucks just yet - those winters are viscous.

I don't want to spoil the show for you if you haven't checked it out yet, so I'll end the gab here. Check out Ep 1 below and let us know what you think!


You may want to hurry up and jump on the bandwagon before it blows up (word on the street is that they'll be teaming up with RevoltTV for the next season).

Thank me later.


*** This piece was originally published on HHBMedia.com in July 2015