Everyone seems to think it’s funny – everyone except me, that is.

Tyga released his mixtape “Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout” recently. The exact date, I’m not sure. Just know that it was released sometime after Kylie Jenner turned 18. Now, just in case you’re unfamiliar with Tyga and King Kylie’s connection, I’ll fill you in: Kylie is Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter and she’s been secretly dating ex-Young Money artist, Tyga, for God knows how long. Why has it been a secret, you ask? Because Tyga is well into his mid twenties and Kylie just turned 18 on August 10th.

Normally, I would never address the release of anything from Tyga seeing as I’m not a fan of his music (no shade. It’s just not appealing to me), but this particular project has got everyone on edge – including me. On the mixtape is a track, not just any ol’ track, but a track proclaiming to the world that he’s been having sex with Kylie since before she turned the big 1-8. Stimulated left me feeling disgusted. With the, now, infamous line “She’s a big girl dawg when she’s stimulated,” Tyga has definitely proven the statutory rape rumors to be true. It’s a little disturbing.

While the whole world is glorifying Kylie Jenner and all of her appropriating ways, I’m sitting on the sidelines wondering if she’s truly happy. Observing from the outside, her childhood was stripped with her family’s sudden stardom and she was never able to just be a kid. I want to like Kylie. I honestly think that she’s a dope trendsetter, but my heart breaks for her when I think about how she was forced to grow up so fast.

When you look at her, she doesn’t seem like your typical teenager. In fact, she hasn’t looked like a typical teenager since she was about 14 years old.  I’m no expert and I wasn’t in the operating room, but it seems to me like she’s even had a bit of plastic surgery before her 18th birthday. And then Tyga’s grown-behind wants to release a track coincidentally after Kylie’s 18th birthday bragging about how he pretty much preyed on her tiny-teenage self BEFORE she was even legal? This is absolutely mind-blowing, and as a parent I can’t help but to give Kris Jenner the greatest side-eye ever known to man.

I’m not one to criticize other’s parenting styles because I believe that it’s all trial and error, but I can’t turn a blind eye to this. Tyga just pretty much incriminated himself, and I can’t help but to be rubbed the wrong way about this whole situation-ship. I guess the world is truly yours as long as you can afford to buy it. Rules, laws and morals need not to be applied…


*** This piece was originally published on HHBMedia.com in September 2015