So, Facebook is the devil. I've said this before and I would be remiss to not mention it again. If you need to be somewhat productive, opening a tab to simply "check your notifications" will jack your morale alllllll the way up. Just. Don't. Do. It.

Today's post isn't about the ratchetness - well, sort of. Let's just say a well-known textbook publisher pissed me off. Royally.

McGraw-Hill, the textbook publishing conglomerate, decided that slavery has been misunderstood. Apparently, we've been making a bigger deal out of it than we should've. African slaves were simply immigrant workers.

Pause. Breathe, in and out. Pause.

Dramatic pause.

Instead of flipping my top, and because McGraw-Hill offered up an apology and made refinements to the chapter, I've decided to pen a, frank, letter to the publishing house.

Dear McGraw-Hill and its prominent advisors,

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